Overview of U.S. Gambling Market

The U.S. gambling market was estimated at US$119 billion for 2020, compared to an estimated US$443.2 billion for the overall global market. Gambling in America can come in many different forms, such as sports betting, online casino, tribal casinos, commercial casinos, lottery, charity gambling, and poker.

At present, gambling in the United States is a patchwork of federal gambling laws and state gambling laws. Arguably, this has stifled the growth of gambling in the US, robbing Americans of choice and states of much-needed tax dollars.

In the last few years, the pressure to reform the industry has mounted, coming from outside and inside the US gambling industry. For example, the American Gaming Association is a lobby pushing for a more favorable and efficient policy. US state gambling has been evolving since the turn of the 20th, and one thing for certain is that this will continue.

Gambling Laws by U.S. State

Even among states that allow online gambling, land-based gambling, or both, this can mean different things. We put together a gambling overview of each state. Here, we provide a brief history, current and anticipated gambling laws, and the types of state gambling you can expect to find.

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