Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a fun activity. If you’ve ever spun a cent on a slot machine, you know how anxious you get when the slot is spinning, and you always chase that rush of dopamine you feel when you win big time. It is no wonder a lot of us love gambling. Unfortunately, some love it too much.

The sad truth is, not all gamblers can control their hobby. In some odd cases, the hobby controls the gambler, not the other way around. The gambler forgets about everything else in the world except the slots, and their hobby consumes everything. It becomes the one and only focus of their lives.

Compulsive gambling is not easily identified. The person with a gambling problem will often go to great lengths to hide their gambling activity and will appear fine, despite the consequences of their gambling, with the full potential impact being difficult to see.

Internal Controls at Online Casinos

With the growth of problem gambling programs such as Gamstop, Gamcare, and many more, many online casinos have now instituted internal controls at their casinos to better help problem gamblers control their own play in a secure environment – as such many casinos now advocate safer gambling by allowing self exclusion and other tools that help players reduce risk with lots of assistance available through the website contact options, with professional help fast at hand.

New Control Measures

Policy makers have also made new control measures mandatory too, and whilst this may make part of the sign-up process more involved for experienced players, these new measures for gambling operators will see underage gambling become much more difficult whilst also helping to limit gambling addiction for both new customers and existing customers. Further information regarding these protection methods can be easily found on each website or through support, as it has become best practice amongst online platforms.

Measures to protect players

It is now the responsibility of the gambling operator to offer as much protection as possible, as such there are many institutions such as gamblers anonymous that are easily accessible to help battle gambling problems with further patron protection at many casino sites online. If deemed necessary, an establishment can self exclude a player too which limits access to the entertainment options and prevents wagering or playing on any game until advice is sought out.

Be sure to always follow responsible gaming advice and understand that problem gambling harms, seek treatment and talk to a professional if needed and self awareness is the best way to play, but employees are now trained to see signs of problem conduct and their ability to help players wager money or play games responsibly is much better than before.

Remember that help is available. By reaching out to people who understand, you can find the help you or someone you know needs. There are many resources around the world that assist with these types of problems such as the list below which we have compiled for you.