• What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin Casino Gaming?

    What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin Casino Gaming? Slowly but surely, Bitcoin Casino gaming is gaining traction and emerging as a major new trend. Cryptocurrency has been around for some time but has only begun hitting its stride as of late. For some, the appeal of Bitcoin lies in the volatility of the currency itself. When you invest in Bitcoins, you take ownership of one of the most volatile assets on the face of the earth. One which on several occasions has skyrocketed in value overnight, making millions of savvy investors extremely wealth Read More
  • Place Your Bets With a Real Money Casino

    Real Money Casino Online Stuck at home with nothing to do? Don’t worry, a real money casino online is awaiting your arrival. You may not be new to gambling, but with the novel coronavirus taking the world by storm, better technology creating smoother gameplay, and online casinos playing for real money stakes- it’s no wonder there are a ton of people headed online instead of out of town. Online casinos have all the thrills of playing your favorite games, without ever having to leave your home. But there are a f Read More
  • Baccarat Online Strategies: Here’s All You Need to Know

    Here’s What You Need to Know to Play Baccarat Online Baccarat, long touted as just another game of chance, has a history that can be traced back to 19th Century France. Since that time, the game has flourished. Different variations, stakes, and odds have been created, which has solidified a top slot in most casinos for at least one baccarat table. Applying the following baccarat online strategies can be just as exciting, and gratifying, as sliding up to your favorite brick and mortar. So long as Read More
  • The World’s Best Gamblers: They Are People Just Like Us

    The World’s Best Gamblers Are Just Like Us Ah yes, the world´s best and professional gamblers. Think of all the money spent, day in and day at, at all the casinos across the world. Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent in the last year alone. How are there so few gambling success stories? What is it about these sacred few - that have not only struck it rich but have consistently walked away from the table up? Winning often enough to make more than a career out of it, but an entire lifestyle. Well, here we divulge the secrets Read More
  • Everything You Needed to Know About Video Poker

    Video PokerEverything You Needed to Know About Video Poker

    Video poker is a huge fan of pretty much anyone who doesn’t live a convenient distance from a casino. This is largely because most bars and pubs can get special licenses to have video poker games on their premises- even if they’re not a casino. Video poker has also become a massive hit online thanks to the growing popularity of actual poker and COVID forcing us to spend more time at home.

    While these Read More

  • From Rags to Riches: The History of Online Gambling

    History of Online Gambling Ever wonder how your favorite online gambling sites came about? Do we have a story for you. Gambling at large has been around since the Paleolithic period. That’s before written history when humans were running around in their birthday suits, hunting giant armadillos. Placing a good-natured wager now and again is basically the most human thing you can do- next to breathing and indulging in a few carnal delights. Dice, or rather the ancestors of what we now know of as dice, were invented som Read More
  • Fiction and Misconception: Deconstructing the Myths of Online Gambling

    Deconstructing the Myths of Online Gambling Let’s unpack some of the most serious myths of online gambling- because what else do you have to do today? Online gambling has undergone undue scrutiny since its debut in the early 90s. Much like scrunchies, mom jeans, and boy bands, the trend of badmouthing online gambling has fallen in and out of fashion several times over in the last few decades. With the most recent surge in adoption (thanks COVID), new myths and old wives' tal Read More
  • A Night in Paris: Slot Review

    A Night in Paris Slot - Cover Ah, Paris! The city of love - and light! By day it is brimming with French culture, Parisian cafés, bistros, and candlelight dining. But by night, a more vulnerable and shady Paris emerges! Home to some of the most precious of art, Le Muséum de Paris has hired Detective Jerome LaBaste of Le Paris Agence de Securite to protect it. What could go wrong? Find out in A Night in Paris from Betsoft! Hot on the trail of a would-be thief named Jacques, join the detective and his bulldog Pierre for a Read More
  • Cleopatra’s Gold: Slot Review

    Cleopatra’s Gold Slot - Cover Real Time Gaming gives players two very different ways to play with their ancient Egyptian-themed Cleopatra’s Gold slot. On the one hand, you can opt to play the game as a standard, non-progressive release. On the other, you can choose to play Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold, a progressive take on the same game. Cleopatra’s Gold was launched in 2005 and has gone on to be one of the most successful RTG games at online casinos. While newer versions (such as the jackpot edition) are available, th Read More
  • Trigger Happy: Slot Review

    Trigger Happy Slot - Cover There are many Wild West-themed slots out there for you to get to grips with. Trigger Happy is Real Time Gaming’s take on the popular genre, and it is arguably one of the more entertaining, not to mention generous releases. As well as a wealth of special features, the game comes with two progressive jackpots to boot. If you are looking for a nifty slot machine with a decent return, which is inexpensive to play, and could potentially yield progressive jackpots worth tens of thousands of doll Read More

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