• Guide to Casino Loyalty Programs

    casino loyalty programs Online casino platforms are taking advantage of all means to top the gambling community. Unlike on-land casinos, the online casino gambling community offers clients bonuses. These bonuses are in diverse forms, and one of them is casino loyalty programs. Depending on what the platform chooses to call it. They are all regarded as bonuses in one way or the other since the gambler isn't paying for it.   These bonuses are given Read More

    online casino USA The online casino USA community is daily becoming flooded with both new gambling platforms and more gamblers. Since you can now play your favorite casino game online with 100% anonymity, several individuals have now developed trust in gambling online than on onland casino houses. The Online Casino USA community is experiencing this same influx in the gambling community worldwide, and the reason is the same as mentioned above. Be sure to note that online gambling isn't illegal in the Read More

    offshore gambling sites - casino genie Gambling is not illegal; however, there are some illegal acts that are attributed to gambling. Hence, every gambler needs to understand the legal implications of every one of their acts towards online gambling, especially when it comes to offshore gambling sites. There are gambling jurisdictions and restrictions which must be followed to the very end. It's never enough as a gambler to be sure your preferred gambling platform is trustwor Read More
  • History and evolution of lottery in the United States

    lottery in the united states - Casino Genie In simple terms, a lottery is an aspect of gambling that involved drawing random numbers for a set prize. Some countries, however, do not allow any form of gambling and lottery included. In contrast, others accept and even hold lottery contests at the state and national levels. There are a series of regulations guiding lottery not only in the United States but also in other counties where gambling is legal. One of these Read More
  • Gambling Statistics: Gender differences in Gambling

    gambling gender statistics - Casino Genie As humans, we always have a knack for putting these sexes up against each other. Although we are aware, being gender biased is seemingly wrong. While comparing genders in gambling isn't so much pronounced, there are some differences between what gender plays what game the most. Gambling statistics tells us that depending on the type of game, maybe the game of chance or the one that rests solely on strategies, gender differences still exists.   Be sure to note that gambling doesn't fav Read More
  • The State of Online Sports Betting in the USA Today

    The State of Online Sports Betting in the USA Today - Casino Genie

    Could 2021 finally be the year that a real breakthrough is made?

    First of all, please be aware that all information contained in this article is subject to change at short notice. 2021 appears to be the year when a significant number of states will finally create laws that will allow online gambling in some form.   Back in 2018, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favor of striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Tha Read More
  • The State of E-Sports Betting in the USA Today

    esports betting in the usa - Casino Genie

    The USA hosts many of the largest tournaments, but is it the ideal place to bet?

    If you aren't familiar with e-sports yet, where have you been?! I think it would be fair to say that it is one of the largest new entertainment trends to appear in the 21st century, and has amassed a following of millions of dedicated fans in a frankly unbelievably short period of time.   Playing video games against friends has long been a favorite pastime of the majority of children Read More
  • What’s the Deal with Online Casino Legality?

    online casino usa legality - Casino Genie If you’ve ever looked into the specifics regarding online casino´s legality  - rules or regulations, you may have noticed something missing– the specifics. Online gambling laws, legislations, rules, regulations, and licensures can be an absolute mess, depending on what country you’re playing from. But in reality, they’re actually not all that different from their brick-and-mortar cousins, who also have some pretty crazy rules Read More
  • What Makes a Good Gambler? – Casino News You Need To Know

    What Makes a Good Gambler? - Casino News - Casino Genie In this article of our casino news session, we wanted to dedicate some words to all those gamblers out there looking to take their games to the next level because few things are as exhilarating as walking up to a table for the first time, right? That rush the first time your chips go down, the thrill of the game.   This is arguably one of the most exciting moments for any gambler- whether you’re a casual player, or a professional- hitting the casino for the first time is unmatched. Read More
  • Crap: Rules and General Layout of the Craps Table – Part 2

    Rules and General Layout of the Craps Table - Casino Genie

    Part two in our series- because Craps is a complicated game. But once you get it, you get all the bets, odds, and payouts that come with it

      So the last time we spoke, we walked you through some basic terminology and crap rules. In this edition, we talk about the best part- the table and the bets you’ll surely soon be making.   Any Read More

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