• What’s the Deal with Online Casino Legality?

    online casino usa legality If you’ve ever looked into the specifics regarding online casino´s legality  - rules or regulations, you may have noticed something missing– the specifics. Online gambling laws, legislations, rules, regulations, and licensures can be an absolute mess, depending on what country you’re playing from. But in reality, they’re actually not all that different from their brick-and-mortar cousins, who also have some pretty crazy rules and laws that dictate how they work.   Yes, onlin Read More
  • What Makes a Good Gambler? – Casino News You Need To Know

    Casino News In this article of our casino news session, we wanted to dedicate some words to all those gamblers out there looking to take their games to the next level because few things are as exhilarating as walking up to a table for the first time, right? That rush the first time your chips go down, the thrill of the game.   This is arguably one of the most exciting moments for any gambler- whether you’re a casual player, or a professional- hitting the casino for the first time is unmatched. Read More
  • Crap: Rules and General Layout of the Craps Table – Part 2

    Rules and General Layout of the Craps Table - Casino Genie

    Part two in our series- because Craps is a complicated game. But once you get it, you get all the bets, odds, and payouts that come with it

      So the last time we spoke, we walked you through some basic terminology and crap rules. In this edition, we talk about the best part- the table and the bets you’ll surely soon be making.   Any craps table you join will have a layout similar to the one shown below. Read More
  • Shoot the Crap: Crap Rules, Lingo, and Basic Crap Strategy

    the Crap: Rules, Lingo, and Basic Crap Strategy - Casino Genie

    All about Craps: This is part one in our two-part series, where we unravel the mystery behind the world’s best table game.

      Craps is something that, outside of America, isn’t actually all that well known. Just like Jif peanut butter and paying for healthcare- most of the rest of the world continues on their lives never knowing any better. Craps is an extremely popular ta Read More
  • US Online Casinos Have Seen a Major Boost in Popularity Recently

    US Online Casino - Casino Genie According to the latest data, it seems that death, taxes, and gambling might all be certainties of life. Even if we’re restricted to our homes and the economy is faltering. In every state of the US, online casinos that allow legal gambling, have seen an uptick in both revenue and new players. In the states where gambling isn’t necessarily legal, they have seen the advent of more relaxed laws concerning gambling altogether. So as many stores, retails, and vendors have been forced to shutter d Read More
  • How to Play Roulette Like a Champion

    Roulette Game - Casino Genie Roulette is an incredibly popular game, largely because of its simplicity. Roulette is fairly easy to understand, and you can pick it up just by visiting a table and watching a few rounds. Another thing that makes roulette so popular is that it’s one of the oldest known casino games, first created in the 18th century France, believed to have been partly introduced by Blaise Pascal, the famous French mathematician.   Since then, Roulette has bec Read More
  • Cash Bandits 3: Slot Review

    Cash Bandits 3 Slot Cover - Casino Genie It's probably fair to say that Cash Bandits was an instant success when it first appeared in 2017 and then resurfaced in the 2019 sequel. Fast forward to 2020, and these peculiar bank robbers just can't seem to stay away as they return in Cash Bandits 3! Maybe it's the adrenaline, or perhaps it's the promise of a big score, but who can blame them with a vault full of loot? The bandits better move quickly, or they'll be caught red-handed, as the police have been tipped off and are on the way! Read More
  • What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin Casino Gaming?

    What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin Casino Gaming? - Casino Genie Slowly but surely, Bitcoin Casino gaming is gaining traction and emerging as a major new trend. Cryptocurrency has been around for some time but has only begun hitting its stride as of late. For some, the appeal of Bitcoin lies in the volatility of the currency itself. When you invest in Bitcoins, you take ownership of one of the most volatile assets on the face of the earth. One which on several occasions has skyrocketed in value overnight, making millions of savvy investors extremely wealth Read More
  • Place Your Bets With a Real Money Casino

    Place Your Bets With a Real Money Casino - Casino Genie Stuck at home with nothing to do? Don’t worry, a real money casino online is awaiting your arrival. You may not be new to gambling, but with the novel coronavirus taking the world by storm, better technology creating smoother gameplay, and online casinos playing for real money stakes- it’s no wonder there are a ton of people headed online instead of out of town. Online casinos have all the thrills of playing your favorite games, without ever having to leave your home. But there are a f Read More
  • Baccarat Online Strategies: Here’s All You Need to Know

    Here’s What You Need to Know to Play Baccarat Online - Casino Genie Baccarat, long touted as just another game of chance, has a history that can be traced back to 19th Century France. Since that time, the game has flourished. Different variations, stakes, and odds have been created, which has solidified a top slot in most casinos for at least one baccarat table. Applying the following baccarat online strategies can be just as exciting, and gratifying, as sliding up to your favorite brick and mortar. So long as Read More

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