• The Most Innovative Casino Game Features

    Whilst online casinos are certainly bigger than they’ve ever been before, they also need to go through constant change to keep the growing player base happy and to offer something unique and different from brick and mortar locations – it’s something that has certainly worked in the favour of online services as they’re able to implement these widespread changes very quickly and very easily, often without disruption to the service, but which have been the most innovative casino game featur Read More
  • A Guide to Sports Betting

    Over the past two decades, sports betting has only moved from strength to strength as those unable to attend the big events in person have turned to online alternatives for entertainment. If you’re a newcomer, however, it can be difficult to know where to start even if you are a seasoned gambler with lots of experience. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to get into sports betting and to understand what’s going on, and with the closure of brick-and-mortar locations around the worl Read More
  • Streaming and the Relationship with Online Casinos

    Gaming as a whole is a very social experience, as such it’s no surprise that live streaming for gaming has become as popular as it has over the past decade or so and no surprise that some of the biggest games draw in tens of thousands of viewers per stream for the bigger content creators – one of the latest spaces to emerge in the online streaming space has been within online casinos and slots in particular, but is the relationship between the two beneficial for online casinos or is it somet Read More
  • First Half of 2021 US Gambling Update

    Gambling regulation changes The first half of 2021 has seen a flurry of House and Senate Bills aimed at amending State Constitutions as gambling laws continue to evolve. Sports betting continues to dominate the floor of many legislatures, followed by internet gaming, among others. The progress towards the liberalization of gambling in the US is dotted with setbacks and delays. While some Bills have passed, others have died, so the only certainty is that gambling will continue to polarize opinions.

    State-By-State Read More

  • Biggest Game Genres of 2021

    casino-genie-gaming Many different gaming genres have certainly gained popularity throughout the year as a growing audience has started to explore new innovations and exciting features on offer – with some huge, proposed releases planned throughout the end of 2021 and into the start of 2022, some will certainly see a huge bump in excitement too. But which have been the most popular gaming genres of the year so far, and what has made them stand out from the others? Survival has been at the top Read More
  • Favourite Games to Watch at the Olympics

    casino-genie-olympics With the games being just around the corner only a few weeks away, and the insistence that things will be going ahead as planned, many fans and punters will be getting into the Olympic spirit for the games. Bookies have already started to offer different odds on many of the favourites too – with hundreds of athletes all coming together, which are the favourite games for viewers at the Olympics? Gymnastics – One of the biggest draws of any sport is the thought from the vie Read More
  • Ascot Antepost Group 1 Favourites

    casino-genie-anetepost With the Ascot being less than a week away, time is quickly running out to get your early bets in for the favourites and take the more favourable odds that are currently on offer – if it’s your first time, ante-post betting is also known as futures betting, where bookies put up enhanced odds for the favourite runners, whilst there’s more risk as you’re betting so far in the future and changes in things like line-up can impact your bet, you’re also offered the odds that were available a Read More
  • Top Mobile Games of 2021

    It won’t come as a surprise at all that mobile gaming as a whole has been thriving throughout the past year and growing as a whole too – changing attitudes toward gaming and a growing demographic mean that more players than ever from a wider variety of backgrounds continue to explore the growing options, but which are looking to be the most successful mobile games and genres throughout 2021 based on their performance throughout the past year? Puzzle games top the list ­ Read More
  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Land Based Casinos

    Although 2020 had been an extremely difficult and turbulent year for many of us, things certainly look to be on the path back to normal as strong vaccination efforts are paying off for many countries, with others still battling some outbursts of the virus. One of the most successful things to come out of the past year however had been within the online space, particularly within gaming as online casinos have been able to thrive and see a huge surge of new players with many of the biggest service Read More
  • Guide to Casino Loyalty Programs

    casino loyalty programs Online casino platforms are taking advantage of all means to top the gambling community. Unlike on-land casinos, the online casino gambling community offers clients bonuses. These bonuses are in diverse forms, and one of them is casino loyalty programs. Depending on what the platform chooses to call it. They are all regarded as bonuses in one way or the other since the gambler isn't paying for it.   These bonuses are given Read More

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