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The team here at Casino Genie have a wealth of experience as an advisor, writer, and a developer too – find out more about our fantastic team who keep you up to date with the latest news in the iGaming and Online Casino space!

Vince Henson, Author

With nearly three decades in the iGaming industry, Vince has served as both an advisor to numerous gaming operators as well as a champion for customer experience. Now looking to share his knowledge of the rapidly expanding iGaming market in the United States, was born to provide would-be players updated news around the constantly evolving laws and rules, whilst also recommending the best sites to play at with insider knowledge on the best features to seek out, and the worst features to avoid.

Eddy Chester, Author

Our resident legal expert, Eddy started his career as a political reporter for a number of different news outlets before finding his niche in all things iGaming. Now committed to delivering news around the latest legal ongoing in the United States as the country undergoes a major overhaul of gambling and betting laws, as well as the rest of the world. Eddy will also give updates on major service changes primarily aimed at player safety as different gambling commissions head large scale changes too.

Noel Harmon, Author

Having worked as a developer for many of the biggest software providers in iGaming over the last decade, Noel brings understanding of how the biggest games work inside and out. Providing our players with knowledge on how these games function, which have the best odds and the biggest benefits, and which games may not be as good as they initially seem. Also bringing coverage on brand new game releases, we’re able to keep our players updated on the newest games available.

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