Seven Card Draw Poker


Seven Card Draw is a popular poker variation, similar to Five Card Draw. Both games are based on the same rules, with the Seven Card Draw including seven cards for players instead of five in the Five Card Draw. The game has never been so famous in online casinos, but mainly as the home game. The aim of the game is to create the best possible hand of five cards.


The game of poker dates back to the 18th century when it was first played around the Mississippi River. Over the 19th century, the game has spread across America. The rules of poker were initially written by Colonel Jacob Schenck, who sent them to England. It was mainly played in saloons across the state. The real poker boom occurred in 1973 with the introduction of the first Televised poker event – the World Series of Poker. Over the following years, the game has become a must-have option at leading land-based and online casinos.

Example Hand

When you play 7 Draw Poker, you can form the following hands and claim winnings:


– Royal flush: It features a straight flush that starts from the 10 to the Ace

– Straight flush: It includes five successive cards of the identical suit

– Four of a kind: It consists of Four cards of the identical rank

– Flush: It features Five cards of the equal suit

– Full house: A pair and a 3 of a kind in combination

– Straight: It includes five successive cards

– Three of a kind: It consists of Three cards of the equal rank

– Two pair: It includes Two pairs in combination

– One Pair: It involves Two cards of the equal rank

– High Card: It represents a hand, with no different combination

The Game at Online Casinos

Before starting the 7 Card Draw Poker, you need to learn more about the basic rules of the game:

  • The dealer will distribute cards for each player (every player receives seven cards face down). When every player receives the card, the game starts.
  • Two players post blinds. Blinds are the initial bets in 7 Card Draw which force the action in every hand. The first player on the dealer’s left side will post the small blind while the other player to the dealer’s left will post the big blind.
  • The next phase includes the action from the player with a big blind. His position is Under the Gun which means that he acts under the pressure. The action will continue clockwise.
  • Players have an opportunity to replace cards and enhance winning chances (Replacement of cards is possible once, but players can also choose how many cards they want to swap)
  • The second betting rounds begins (the player who posted a small blind will be the first to take an action)
  • After the end of the betting round, the player who holds the best possible hand will win

Sometimes when playing 7 Card Draw Poker, there will not be sufficient cards in the deck to encompass all the swaps. If that happens, the cards that have been replaced by participants will be shuffled and utilized to replace the remaining cards.

7 Card Draw Poker usually includes 2-6 players at the table. The inclusion of additional players is not possible due to a limited number of cards.

Seven Card Draw is simple to learn as it follows the rules of Five Card Draw. Even if you are a newcomer at online casinos, card rankings are understandable and you can easily start the game. It provides more action than Five Card Draw, considering that every player has 2 cards more to form winning combinations.


To become a winner, you should learn more about strategy and apply it in the practice:

– Read the opponents: Get the information from history, betting patterns, and how many cards the opponent discards. It will allow you to narrow the opponent down to a selection of possible hands. In the next step, you weigh the odds against your hand and assess whether you can win.

– Make a plan: It is useful to have a plan for every hand. This plan should correspond to your strategy. If you have a good strategy and additional tactics you will have good chances to make some money.

– Bankroll management: To become successful in 7 Card Draw Poker, make sure to have enough funds to finance the gameplay. The best possible strategy is to keep track of losses and winnings as well as your hand history. It will increase your winning chances.



What are the available betting options in 7 Card Draw Poker?

There are three possible options for players. It includes call, raise and fold.

What is a showdown in 7 Card Draw Poker?

Once the players place bets in the last round, the hand will go to a showdown and the dealer will determine who holds the best five-card combo. The player with the best possible hand will win the pot and a new hand can start.

What are common mistakes in 7 card Draw Poker?

One of the mistakes includes calling if you have already lost the round. Another common mistake includes drawing to a flush or straight since they come with low probability.

What happens in the case of the missed small blind?

If a player fails to post the small blind, he may not take part in any hand before the blind is made up.

What happens in the case of the missed big blind?

In this case, a player who missed the big blind cannot play before the sum of all blinds is made up. The “MB” button will be placed in that seat to indicate the missed big blind.

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