Five Card Draw Poker


5 Card Draw poker is a traditional card game and one of the easiest to learn. Its rules follow the Texas Holdem and Omaha, with five cards dealt to each player. It starts with a small and big blind, continues with first betting round, draw and second betting round before ending with a showdown. 5 Card Draw is one of the first poker games in the market. At first, the game has been played at homes or parties, but today you can find it at online casinos around the globe.


Five Card Draw is believed to had been played in the period of the Wild West when “Wild” Bill Hickok was shot to death while placing bets. According to the story, he was having two pair, Aces and Eights, a hand that is currently known as “The Deadman’s Hand”. It was the end of the 19th century, and the game was played at Bull’s Head Saloon, founded by gambler Ben Thompson and businessman Coe. However, it was not before the 1970s that Five Draw Poker entered the online gambling world thanks to the introduction of the first computers. Since then, the game has enjoyed immense popularity due to its simplicity and thrill.

Example Hand

When it comes to possible hands in 5 Card Draw Poker, you can see the following:

– High card: A hand with no different combination

– One pair: Two cards of the same denomination

– Two pair: Two cards of one denomination and 2 cards of a different denomination

– Three-of-a-kind: Three cards of the equal denomination

– Straight: Five cards in sequence

– Flush: Five cards of the equal suit

– Full house: 3 cards of one denomination and two cards of a different denomination

– Four-of-a-kind: Fours cards of the same domination

– Straight flush: Five cards in sequence of the same suit

– Royal Flush: Ten, Jack, King and Queen of the identical suit

The Game at Online Casinos

Before you select 5 Card Draw Poker, make sure to become knowledgeable with basic rules and betting stages:

  • Starting a Hand: Each hand begins with a big and small blind. The small blind is taken by the first player to the left on the dealer. The big blind will be posted by the player to the right of the dealer.
  • First Betting Round: After the completion of blinds, a dealer gives five cards to each player (face down). The round starts from the player on the left of the big blind. He has one of three options: fold, call or raise. The game continues with the move from the next player to the left.
  • Draw: Each player has an opportunity to discard some of the cards. Drawn cards will be replaced by the dealer. Alternatively, players can keep all five cards and have a “standing pat”.
  • Second Betting Round: After dealing of new cards, the second betting round can start. The player to the left of the dealer side will take an action in the first place. He has one of the following options: to bet or check. Checking means to stay in a hand without placing a bet. Subsequent participants can only check. As soon as the bet has been made, players should call or raise the bet if they want to remain in the same hand.
  • Showdown: When more than one participant remains upon completing the second betting round, a showdown takes place. The player who holds the best hand of five cards is the winner.


If you are ready to start with 5 Card Draw Poker, you can check some of the following strategies and become more successful:

  • Take care of the position: Players aim to be as closer to the button as possible to get an opportunity to play with a wider range of hands.
  • Always start with the Raise option: If you limp in, other players will follow the same practice and you will need a stronger hand to win the round.
  • Play tight from the early stages and raise with favorable hands such as kings or aces: Once you additionally improve the position, you can include high pairs such as queens, tens, jacks, or nines.
  • Make sure to draw the right cards as you only have one opportunity to do this.


How to know what to discard in 5 Card Draw Poker?

If you hold one pair hand, draw three cards. If you hold two pair, then you should draw only one card. Additionally, those who have three-of-a-kind should draw two cards.

What are mathematical chances to receive a strong hand before the drawing round?

The chances that you receive royal flush or straight flush are <0.001% and <0.002%, respectively. However, you have the highest chances to get No pair / High card 50.10% or One pair 42.30%.

What is the betting structure of 5 Card Draw Poker?

Its structure resembles the Texas Holdem. Each hand begins with a small and big blind. However, the game can be played in a fixed or no limit structure. In a fixed structure, betting occurs in increments of the big bling. On the other hand, the no limit structure allows players to place bets corresponding to the number of chips they have.

Is this possible to bluff in 5 Card Draw Poker?

Yes, this is one of the possibilities. 5 Card Draw Poker players have limited information about their opponents. They do not see any of their cards, either shared or face down. The only thing they know is the number of discarded cards. That is why many players create the impression to have a strong hand by discarding only one card or two cards. In other words, they are bluffing and start the game from a strong position.

Where can I play 5 Card Draw Poker?

5 Card Draw Poker is not the most popular title. However, you can find several online casinos which offer the game.

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