Lottery Tips for a Multiple Winner

January 28, 2022

Lottery is a game of pure chance, there’s no rhyme or rhythm to picking the numbers and it only takes one lucky ticket to secure a win – but there are the lucky few out there who have managed to win various different lotteries multiple times and bring in some big winnings, one player from Florida was able to win seven times between 1993 and 2010 and offered to share some tips  to help other players secure a win too – it’s certainly no sure fire way, but could at least help improve odds even slightly, and even offer some comfort in playing too.

Consider joining a syndicate – One of the biggest tips given had been to join a syndicate – the smaller the better for the most part as winnings will be bigger, but even being involved in a larger group can improve odds of winning by a certain factor of magnitude too. The tip given was to not play the most popular lottery games to reduce competition, but particularly for those on a budget this is a great way to increase winning odds on a budget, even if it does mean the output would be a bit lower.

Avoid the quick picks and lucky dips – Choosing the lucky dip is the quick way to go about it that a huge number of players use – not only does it save time but there could be some belief that the numbers may be a bit better but this lotto player suggests that isn’t always the case as some of these tickets can come off with different number sets, meaning that odds are always going to be at their worst in that particular game – at least by choosing similar numbers regularly, odds don’t shift around too much.

Use a wider spread of numbers ­– The most popular lottery approach is to go by choosing birthdays or similar important dates, but because they’re often quite common it can lead to lesser winnings as many other players could be playing the same numbers – similarly it also limits the spread of numbers chosen as another tip had been to ditch birthday dates and instead cover the whole board with numbers to be chosen – it may break a pattern, but could lead to bigger winnings and even increase odds as the spread of numbers chosen is much more broad and varied.

Of course, the most important tip given was to not get carried away – it’s easy to get caught in the cycle of buying tickets weekly or buying multiple but playing should be done for fun and not at the detriment of other responsibilities too.

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