Will Further Changes Come to UK Casinos?

October 22, 2021 casino-genie-casinos

The end of October marks the deadline for UK casinos to implemented the newly mandated changes primarily aimed at making different slots titles more fair, with the removal of auto-play and turbo features, stipulations that slots speeds have to slow down to  prevent players losing track of time played, and a number of other requirements too – it raises the question of whether or not some of these changes will be expanded upon, and what future changes UK and global online casinos could face in the wake of these initial adjustments.

One of the core features of this change had been aimed at tracking and transparency – new legislation means that all operators will now have to include a way for players to track how much time had been played at the slots and how many wins and losses had been had during the session too, and for many it is expected this will be a feature that quickly finds its way into other casino games to in order to give players more control over how they’re playing, how they’re spending, and everything in between. Some services have already implemented this into other titles without prompt, but this will certainly be a welcome additional feature, and something that may look to expand away from just the UK market too.

Another change had been aimed at imagery and sounds within games, meaning that pay-outs equal too or lower than the initial stake can no longer display imagery or play a sound to give the illusion of a win which will mean a re-design of some favourite games, in order to cover future adjustments too many developers have went a step further already and likely will continue to do so by implementing other changes that give the option to remove all imagery or sounds that do this by default. As another change that focuses on giving players a more fair representation of the game, it is widely expected that this will be a change seen across many other games and services into the future too.

Finally, changes to the way betting with requested withdrawals has been changed too and may lead to more expedited withdrawal process with this feature having been removed too – the ability to re-gamble winnings may have been made easier with longer delays in pay-outs and with this change coming into place it may encourage some operators to speed up the process as a whole as keeping funds pending offers no additional benefit – particularly as some payment methods are already offering pay-outs within less than 24 hours and have quickly become amongst the most used payment methods on offer too.

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