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February 8, 2021 What Makes a Good Gambler? - Casino News - Casino Genie

In this article of our casino news session, we wanted to dedicate some words to all those gamblers out there looking to take their games to the next level because few things are as exhilarating as walking up to a table for the first time, right? That rush the first time your chips go down, the thrill of the game.


This is arguably one of the most exciting moments for any gambler- whether you’re a casual player, or a professional- hitting the casino for the first time is unmatched. For some, it was that moment that made them realize that this was something they could happily do for years.


While the initial excitement may fade into something far more familiar, for someone who loves the rush of the win, that bit never truly dies. Because being a well-seasoned player can be just as exciting as that first time you lay down money- especially if you familiarize yourself with some epic strategy and behavioral patterns.


What Makes a Good Gambler?

What makes a good gambler? Well, it’s definitely not just one thing. While it might seem easy to answer this question (as simply in “winning” seems to be an applicable response), it’s actually a bit more involved than that. People who gamble for a living- the pros and high rollers who take more than they lose- also have some other very particular behavior patterns that come into play.



Of course, topping the list of necessary traits that any good gambler has is patience. Knowing when to fold ‘em and knowing when to hold ‘em. For a professional gambler, or anyone looking to keep the chips falling in their favor- you’ll need to wait for some things out. This also means that you’ll have to be okay with losing a few hands as well- or not jumping into a table just because it’s hot.



Of course, experience is massively important. If you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you’re bound to lose some money. Possibly a lot of money. In fact, most games that give an edge to the player- or those that, at minimum don’t have a huge house edge- rely on a few different specific strategies. Strategies you’re unlikely to pick up without some serious experience and a decent amount of reading. Experience will also play a big part in keeping your patience on lock, as well as helping you to keep a cool head. Knowing the game means that you will know exactly how to react, or how to bet, in any situation that comes up. Boosting confidence and settling nerves.



Consistency is a big part of the experience. In order to play a game well, you’ll need to play it often. Once you have found both a game and a strategy that you are comfortable with, consistently playing that game, with the strategy that works for you will ensure a more realistic and dependable payout later. Consistency can also pay off when it comes to sticking with the same casino. Whether it is a casino online or in house- as many casinos run loyalty programs that can help pad your bank roll, or come with other special features.



Keeping calm under pressure is not just that cool stereotype of professional gamblers that we see in the movies- it’s absolutely the lifestyle you have to lead if you want to turn a hobby into a goldmine. Knowing when not to bet is just as important as knowing when to lay down your chips. A well-honed poker face is good for a number of different games- cards and tables. It’s also important to understand why you’re playing. There are a number of incredible casino games that blowing off that calm when you win big is more than just emotion- it’s a part of the play, like with Craps or online slots. Keep a cool eye on your bankroll, but don’t be afraid to jump in on the fun!



Knowledge goes well past understanding how a game is played, or digging up a solid strategy. It’s knowing yourself and knowing whatever casino it is you’re playing at. Make sure you’re well-acquainted with the rules of the house. Not only with the games and house edge- but also with their payment practices, and any applicable state or national laws. Because no matter how well you are prepared to play the game- if you can’t properly withdrawal your winnings, what’s the point?

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