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December 28, 2020 US Online Casino - Casino Genie

According to the latest data, it seems that death, taxes, and gambling might all be certainties of life. Even if we’re restricted to our homes and the economy is faltering. In every state of the US, online casinos that allow legal gambling, have seen an uptick in both revenue and new players. In the states where gambling isn’t necessarily legal, they have seen the advent of more relaxed laws concerning gambling altogether. So as many stores, retails, and vendors have been forced to shutter doors, the online gambling community has all but boomed.

Leaving many to speculate as to why. We think that here at Casino Genie – we may have the answer. As more players come to us looking for better information on what games they should play, and which are the best online casinos that payout- it may be more than just sheer boredom that is getting people to go online. The convenience of playing on a mobile phone or tablet seems to be a top priority of many new players, as well as those sites that have good payouts and better bonuses- suggesting that people aren’t just looking to pass the time but to do so in a way that will make them a bit on cash.


New Moves to Online Casinos

Beyond just the convenience of online gambling, it’s also far more comfortable. Not just because you’re basically automatically practicing necessary social distancing measures- but you can play any game you love from your favorite chair, or while wearing your favorite sweatpants- all without judgment. There is also the benefit of not having to pay for all the extras- like transportation, food, and drinks. Online casinos are often a far better investment for your bankroll because these places can afford a lower house edge. With less staff to pay and less expensive operating costs, more money goes to the house anyway- which means more money goes to the player as well.

Also, because of the influx of new players to be netted- many online casinos are currently offering a barrage of new and improved welcome bonuses and loyalty programs, once again helping a player’s payout to go farther. Not to mention a safe, but gratifying social experience that can extend itself to players online. Gambling sites and specialized apps often feature chat rooms or some kind of “talk and play” functionality. Giving us all a much-needed social outlet amongst people with a shared common interest.


Legal Aspects of Gambling Online in the US

The legality of gambling in the US is oftentimes muddy, confusing, and intentionally vague- which could reasonably make it difficult for players to withdraw any winnings they are due. As gambling online isn’t illegal, it doesn’t mean it’s expressly legal- making it difficult to assure players of their safety. Or to suggest the best online casinos that payout in a timely manner.

But- thanks to the inherent anonymity of the internet and the less than straightforward gambling laws in the US, this has presented a rather enticing circumnavigation for some players that aren’t quite gambling under the letter of the law. Using bitcoin,  cryptocurrencies, or anonymous payment apps to get around strict geolocation-based restrictions. Whether or not these online sites have counted on this- or are even in a position to care- is up for debate. But currently, no one seems to be too upset that this sort of clever investing has been happening.

This can allow players from states who don’t have clear legislation on gambling to still be a part of the games they love. It also helps to keep everyone safe and sound while playing. Ensuring that no personal information is ever exposed. Which is a huge bonus for many players.


How to Choose the Best Online Casinos that Payout

Choosing the best casinos is easy when you use a dependable casino review site. As sites like ours not only tell you all of the important information you need to know about the games but also how to best use available bonuses to your advantage. They also host a wealth of legal and licensure information, so you can be sure that the game you plan on playing not only operates freely in your particular state but also can show you and legislative or regulatory bodies that they function under.

Meaning that your winning is safe, and you can actually withdraw them. More than that though- the best online casino isn’t just about money. It’s about enjoying your casino games, your way. From the comfort of your home, or any other place you may be mobile.

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