Top Mobile Games of 2021

June 7, 2021

It won’t come as a surprise at all that mobile gaming as a whole has been thriving throughout the past year and growing as a whole too – changing attitudes toward gaming and a growing demographic mean that more players than ever from a wider variety of backgrounds continue to explore the growing options, but which are looking to be the most successful mobile games and genres throughout 2021 based on their performance throughout the past year?

Puzzle games top the list ­– For all handheld gaming devices, puzzle games have always typically performed very well as they fit the more casual playstyle for those types of players who perhaps can’t commit as much time as they’d like. Accounting for nearly a quarter of the revenue share for all mobile games in some locations like North America, the widespread success of microtransactions and sales is certainly impressive, and provides a solid blueprint moving forward for other genres looking to follow and find their own successes too.

Online casinos following closely behind – With the closure of land-based gaming options, the changing demographic that includes an older audience, and the growing acceptance of online gambling and betting as regulation and legislation continues to change, online casinos have been thriving and have even found some suggestion that they could replace offline casinos eventually with the growing success. With the same metric, online casinos accounted for 17.17% of mobile revenue for North America, showing just how quickly they’ve grown – this next year may be key for the ongoing success as things start to return to normal, and as numbers start to even out following the pandemic period.

Popular streaming has helped many games – It’s also no surprise that different forms of media have drastically helped the success of some of the biggest games on the market too, names like Among Us were amongst the most downloaded mobile titles worldwide of 2020 largely thanks to streamed media like Twitch for example – thriving across thousands of viewer hours, these big games have found a huge benefit from being presented by the big influencers in the gaming space, and have started to have an impact on others in the same way as the likes of online slots for example have found growing support, alongside other spaces like mobile esports too.

As the market continues to change so will many of the top mobile gaming metrics – it has been suggested that by 2023, there will be more than 3 billion unique mobile players worldwide and with more than 50% of the mobile gaming market being over the age of 34, and also women, it provides an opportunity to move away from the old stereotype of gaming being just for young teen males and provides an opportunity to explore new markets that hadn’t been touched previously.

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