The World’s Most Famous Casinos

October 1, 2021 cg-vegas

Over the past few years, online casinos have really come into their own and shown that they stand out amongst even the biggest land-based services as something that many players are willing to change to for the convenience and all of the perks that come from playing at an online site. There’s nothing quite like the real thing though and many players will still prefer to visit some of the biggest brick-and-mortar sites as a bucket list item as these giant gambling hubs have become world famous – but which casinos around the world are the most well-known?

The Bellagio, Las Vegas ­Opening back in 1998, it may be considered an older location by some standards today, but it’s still one of the most famous in the world and one that has been immortalized through movies and the likes since it was first built. Famous most notably for the dancing fountains and the elegant lake that surrounds it, the Bellagio is every bit a luxury casino and the inside matches too with over 2,300 slot machines and plenty of poker tables and other games too. The Bellagio will certainly go down as one of the most famous casinos of all time, and still has plenty of life left in it yet.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco – It has been the home filming location for numerous James Bond movies as the dapper British spy visits, but also stands out as one of the oldest casinos in the world too first opening in 1863. As one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world, Monaco is already well-known for attracting the rich and famous, and the storied Casino de Monte Carlo certainly adds to that image too. With stunning vistas of the yacht-filled marina and plenty of gaming choices too, this is certainly a bucket list location for many.

The Venetian, Macau – Whilst the original Venetian was opened in Vegas, the Macau Venetian officially became the largest casino in the world with venues spanning across 50 acres – being home to over 500 tables, 3,400 slot machines, and many other attractions too, it has become the mecca for gambling for some and a land-based option that stands out on its own. With Macau quickly becoming the new home for all things gambling, huge resorts like the Macau Venetian have shown that whilst online casinos are thriving, there’s still a lot to be offered by land-based options too.

These are just a few of the many world-famous casinos, and whilst some are losing some visitors purely for the gambling aspect, they will continue to be extremely popular locations just because of the unique environment they offer, and how they’re able to stand out amongst many of the other big casinos around the world.

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