Super Bowl Poised for Biggest Betting Year

February 4, 2022 Stadium showing fans during Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and by far the biggest sporting event in the calendar year for US fans – both the game taking place and the fantastical half time shows have contributed to the huge viewer numbers year after year as the event typically brings in over 100 million viewers in the US alone without considering international viewership sources too. Whilst the last couple of years have found a slump, dipping below that one hundred million viewer figure a couple of times, 2022 could be set to break that cycle and be amongst the biggest event for years.

A big catalyst for the hopeful change comes from the changing betting environment growing across the US – as individual states were given the chance to regulate their own online gambling and betting space, many have introduced new bills and legislation to grow online betting and with the sheer number of viewers that tune into the Super Bowl and how different states and teams are represented each year in the finals, it’s a great opportunity to see numbers thrive and to see how the number of bets placed in a month may line up directly with the timing of the Super Bowl itself.

There are increased hopes for international betting activity here too – whilst it will be broadcast to a Spanish audience for the first time on Telemundo there are also plenty of other sources and broadcasters that will allow for international viewership to increase at the same time, and whilst these betting figures may not directly be shown with official US based sportsbooks, they may all be accounted for overtime and show how vital online betting has become in sports which had typically only been able to provide betting opportunities through brick and mortar location.

Next weekend will mark the start as the Rams return to the finals as the favorites against the Bengals who are currently on a bit of a streak as the underdogs, and with as much a return to normal as possible with the global health crisis being managed and live audiences looking to be larger than the past two years too – most states will be gearing up for the increased traffic and numbers, and may be enough to show the states that have yet to introduce new legislation why there’s a large value in making change, particularly for the more vocal state leaders that have voiced support for changing bills but have yet to put any major change in place.

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