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November 5, 2020 Place Your Bets With a Real Money Casino - Casino Genie

Stuck at home with nothing to do? Don’t worry, a real money casino online is awaiting your arrival.

You may not be new to gambling, but with the novel coronavirus taking the world by storm, better technology creating smoother gameplay, and online casinos playing for real money stakes- it’s no wonder there are a ton of people headed online instead of out of town.

Online casinos have all the thrills of playing your favorite games, without ever having to leave your home. But there are a few things that even the most knowledgeable card player needs to know before taking their craft online. There are a number of factors that must be considered before you choose an online casino to sidle up to. Sure, safety and security are always the biggest concern, but what about the games they offer, rewards programs, payment methods? What sort of information will you need to start an account, how long do withdrawals and payouts take? What sort of taxes are involved?

There are a number of questions you’ll need to be answered before you can kick back and enjoy your favorite game, from your favorite chair. But, as always, we; be got you covered. Read on- play on.


Check Out a Casino Review Site

Yes, we can see how this might be a bit obvious…. casino review site, talking about needing to go to a casino review site. But genuinely, if you want to ensure you’re going to have the best experience, both before, during, and after choosing a real money casino online- you have to do a little bit of investigating. But this is what makes casino review sites so great! They compile all the information you need in one place. Comparing the metrics and standards of hundreds of sites at a glance.

But before you head to a trusty review platform, it’s probably wise to consider what administrative aspects of online gambling are important to you. Do you want to pay, or be paid, in bitcoin? What sort of casino games do you like? Are you planning on stopping by often enough that loyalty rewards programs are important to you? How do you feel about the social aspect? Do you want chat functions, handy guides, or informative blogs? Seriously consider your ideal online casino experience, and then use an online casino review to find that perfect place, quickly and easily.


Test the Waters

Almost every real money casino online will allow you to browse their games and do a bit of free play before you start spending your cold hard cash. Because gambling is an age controlled endeavor, you will need to register with the site before you can play- even for fake money. So don’t be surprised if you’ll need to verify your information before they let you have a browse of their varied wares.

Consequently- this is another reason why browsing reviews is suggested. It can save you from having to register with a casino that may not offer the types of perks you’re looking for. While not every online casino will require you to verify your identity before browsing or playing- you will definitely need to verify your details before withdrawing money. Make sure that any site you provide personal information to is one that you trust.


Familiarize Yourself With Real Money Casino Games

Beyond just getting friendly with your favorite online slots, or the website’s blackjack table, make sure you know the rules to the game you’re planning on playing. A reputable real money casino will always provide its payout tables as well as their terms and conditions. Pay close attention to both of these. If you’re curious to learn more about the statistics associated with a given game, sometimes taking a hot second to learn a bit more about it before you bet is a good idea. Make sure that the casino is operating within any local laws or guidelines that would apply to you sending or receiving money from them.

Occasionally, online casinos (yes, even those that play for real cash) will allow you to browse around and play free games for a bit- these types of credits can sometimes count towards player rewards or certain casino bonuses, so make sure you know how their loyalty programs work ahead of time- even if you’re not planning on using them. Now all that’s left is for you to pick your favorite spot and place your bets. Because baby- you’re playing for real money now.

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