Ohio Next in Line for Legal Sports Betting

April 1, 2022

Traction is picking up for the few remaining states that haven’t legalized online betting or online gambling in some way to make a move – and Ohio appears to be the next state in the list as it could be the 33rd American state to make a change here. Progress is looking to be made in hopes to bring both online and land-based sports betting to punters by the first day of 2023 and join many of the other successful states that have made the change over the past four years.

In an effort to ensure all activity is kept within state boundaries, others across the US have been pushing hard for legalization in a relatively short period of time and if the bill is to be passed within Ohio then it will add to its already established neighbors as Ohio currently sits alone in its neighboring states by not allowing sports betting with the exception of Kentucky which has been killing sports betting bills in recent years – there will certainly be hopes this will keep players to nearby services and generate tax within the state through online and offline options, much like has been seen in other successful states across the country.

Further information first became available back in January when it was announced that guidelines would be issued for who could apply for one of the 58 land-based and mobile-friendly sports betting licenses being handed out, as well as further information regarding tax rates too – with a 10% rate that falls in line with other states, something out of the ordinary is within a daily tax rate rather than a monthly one but this could be changed at a later date. There’s also limited information on what the licensing fee will be as well as the cost for application, which has been previously known in other states.

Something not yet mentioned however has been any potential to pass a bill for online gambling through real money US casinos, whilst other states have been quick to launch sports betting, online gambling in this form is still quite limited and the lack of news from Ohio would suggest this will continue for some time – but there’s plenty of great examples to look towards for success such as the nearby New York which was able to become the biggest US sports betting market in the country, having blew past $1.6 billion in mobile sports bets in the first month of its launch – it certainly shows promise for what states like Ohio could achieve once legal options become available in 2023.

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