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Gambling is not illegal; however, there are some illegal acts that are attributed to gambling. Hence, every gambler needs to understand the legal implications of every one of their acts towards online gambling, especially when it comes to offshore gambling sites. There are gambling jurisdictions and restrictions which must be followed to the very end. It’s never enough as a gambler to be sure your preferred gambling platform is trustworthy and won’t abscond with your money; there’s a need for you to be sure if it’s safe to gamble on that platform; hence, a test for the platform’s legality.


For those gamblers that live in a state where gambling is illegal, there’s every tendency that, at some point, you might have come across offshore gambling platforms. While you might be tempted to play your favorite slot theme game or blackjack on that platform, offshore sites may not be fully trusted. So you might be wondering what offshore gambling is all about; it’s pretty straightforward



What are offshore gambling platforms?

In general, offshore gambling is any form of wagering or gambling (as the case may be) that is unregulated, operating outside the United States jurisdiction. Hence, the players on offshore online casinos are most vulnerable to losing their money or assets since it’s outside the United States jurisdiction. Since it’s an offshore gambling platform without regulation, knowing who operates the platform or who to hold responsible for peradventure anything happens is impossible.


There are different ways to locate an offshore gambling platform, and one of them is by checking the domain name if the name ends with.AG or.EU means it doesn’t have a license to operate in the United States. Don’t be confused; the offshore gambling platform might be licensed to operate in it headquarter in another country. It doesn’t prove a thing, since the United States government does not approve it.



United States legal implications on offshore gambling platforms

Be sure to note that every state in the United States has its unique gambling laws regarding online gambling. However, a bulk of the states in the United States legalized and regulated the online gambling community. Hence, in some states in the United States, offshore gambling sites are still regarded as illegal.


As established above, gambling in the United States is not illegal, and offshore gambling is not totally illegal as well as some states in the United States allow it. But, the main reason for the illegality of offshore gambling in the united states is as a result of the fall in revenue from Nevada and Atlantic City, which are the most prominent states generating revenues from hotels and tourist attractions for the United States. Since the establishment of online gambling, the rate at which casino houses are visited has reduced drastically, causing a reduction in revenue. The government, however, had to devise a means to regularize all forms of online gambling. In the real sense, nobody would like to travel down to the United States to play casino games when they can access the platform online anywhere in the world.



Disadvantages of offshore gambling

Since there’s no regulation on offshore gambling sites, there are several red flags you should watch out for, and they include

  • Rigging of numbers:

Since there are no regulations and the admin of the platform is unknown, the games are opened to misconduct and rigging. Once the RGN is rigged, it becomes somewhat impossible for gamblers to win any game.

  • Limits on withdrawals:

Depositing and withdrawing money from offshore casino platforms is one of the riskiest processes in offshore casino platforms. The admin might be a fraud, and there’s no other way to establish the fact that the platform is trustworthy. Hence, if you’d be depositing money on offshore casino platforms, you’ll have to do it based on trust or take a leap of faith believing the platform is legit. This is not advisable, especially for those gambling for real money.

  • Invalid player’s protection:

Another reason why it’s not advisable to play on offshore online casinos is that some platforms do not respect player’s protection. Some offshore platforms purposely neglect player’s complaints and requests. Some platforms make use of predatory deposit processes with discriminatory terms and conditions. Since offshore gambling platforms run under a pseudonym, it’s impossible to sue them or hold the customer care representative responsible. Since player’s protection is being trampled on, and there’s no representative body to hold accountable if anything goes south, it’s better to stay clear of offshore online casino platforms.

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