Is There Truth in Casino Myth?

September 10, 2021

As something becomes more popular, it certainly divides opinion and leads to many different thoughts around what can or cannot be expected and this has certainly been the case for online casinos too – whether it’s that a player has just had a bad experience, or some thought online has gained traction and made the rounds, myths for online casinos have been growing much like they once did for offline options, but is there any truth to these casino myths?

Online options are more addictive – One of the myths that have started to become more common has been a question around whether or not online services are more addictive or not, so much so that there have even been studies done into the matter. The myth may stem from the options simply being more accessible as players can access the games from their phone whenever they’d like rather than requiring a physical trip to a brick-and-mortar location, but the research conducted suggested that there is no truth to this myth, and whilst potential playing hours may be higher, online options aren’t more addictive, and with all the measures put in place through online services, may in fact be much safer than offline options.

Online options aren’t safe – Another myth that stemmed from the early days of online services where there wasn’t much regulation in the online gambling space and anybody could open their own online service – that has since change and online platforms are heavily regulated and licensed to ensure player safety, using games from trusted providers that are well managed and using payment options that are well trusted and secure. Whilst there may still be a small few bad apples, the majority of online services are more than safe and secure to play at and have lots of measures in place to ensure players are kept safe.

Online options take business away from land-based casinos – This is a myth that has grown particularly over the past two years as online casinos have gained much more popularity and many eyes are on them, but the opposite is in fact true. Many land-based options were the first to see the potential in online gambling and were the first to establish the bigger services, and so many land-based casinos are well represented online. For the most part both services also have a very different audience, as the experience from playing at both is very different too, so the comparison often doesn’t hold much weight and is shown to be just a myth.

These are just a few of the many myths that have been growing in recent years, and will continue to appear too, and may always be part of the industry as these same myths grew for offline services long before online services emerged.

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