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March 15, 2021 gambling gender statistics - Casino Genie

As humans, we always have a knack for putting these sexes up against each other. Although we are aware, being gender biased is seemingly wrong. While comparing genders in gambling isn’t so much pronounced, there are some differences between what gender plays what game the most. Gambling statistics tells us that depending on the type of game, maybe the game of chance or the one that rests solely on strategies, gender differences still exists.


Be sure to note that gambling doesn’t favor one gender over the other. The only difference is the time invested into strategizing and knowing the game.


Asking which gender gamble better than the other seems overly chauvinistic and somewhat dull. The question should be, “What’s the difference between the male and female gambler.” linking this question to if it’s a cultural heritage or just a gender-induced problem.



Gambling statistics and studies say it all – What are the differences between female and male gamblers?


Before we start exhibiting sexism, there’s a study regarding how the female and male genders react to gambling – especially the game of chance. In one of his studies, Stoltenberg argued that males and females have varying gambling involvements but reiterated that males have a higher tendency to have gambling problems and lose more than females.


Another empirical study indicated that men in the United States recorded more loses and wins than women. Moving down to gambling addiction, it gets even more interesting. An estimated 4.2% of men were problem gamblers, otherwise known as addicted gamblers as opposed by the 2.9% of women.


When discussing the risks attached to the differences between males and females gamblers, it’s not always pronounced as gender differences occur at an early adulthood stage. So, as far as exposure is concerned, there is no difference between males and female gamblers as both are exposed to gambling at the early stage of adulthood.


Hence, male and female gambling’s only pronounced difference is that men are more inclined to take up more gambling risks and games. However, both genders are equally exposed to these risks.


What games do women play the most?

Finding the exact game women love to play online isn’t quite a fuzz. It’s overly written that most women prefer online slots, poker games, and bingo as their preferred online gambling games. However, the most exciting fact is the overall gaming differences between genders in online gambling platforms.


Everyone has their own preferred online gambling game. Still, the extensive study indicates some level of preference amongst females and casino games.


Here are some of the few games women play the most on online casinos


  • Dice games:

Most dice games and keno games are mostly female dominant types of games. Most women tend to stick to a game than men do. Men are most likely to play almost every game in a casino. But women tend to spend more time on a game. Although dice games are quite popular amongst men, it seems dominant amongst women.


  • Jackpot slot games:

Another online casino game that tends to attract female gamblers than male gamblers is online slot games. Not just the regular online slot game but the ones with very high progressive jackpots with jaw-dropping profits. The progressive jackpot slot game catches the attention of female gamblers who have established a cultured appetite for risk management. Hence, females tend to play more jackpot slots even when it’s more volatile than other online casino games. On the other hand, male gamblers tend to stick to the low-risk tables since they’d be playing more games before opt-in out for the day.


  • Roulette

One of the most straightforward and easy online casino games for both males and females. Most females preferred roulette as their favorite board game than males when polled. However, this doesn’t mean men don’t play roulette or are not successful at playing roulette. If you gamble more casually, you should probably go for roulette. You don’t need to understand many complete strategies or mathematical sophistication before you can make a fortune from roulette. It’s a game of chance and maximum enjoyment, and of course, it’s 100% thrilling – making it more feminine.


  • Bingo

Bingo has always been perceived as a feminine-related online gambling game. It has recently begun appealing to the male gender and making it a globally accepted game. Since the advent of online bingo, the game has taken a rather interesting and engaging turn. Making it quite appealing to both genders. However, it still rates a little above for females than males. Since it’s now online, it’s automated, making it quite impossible for anything to go wrong.




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