Fiction and Misconception: Deconstructing the Myths of Online Gambling

September 11, 2020 Deconstructing the Myths of Online Gambling - Casino Genie

Let’s unpack some of the most serious myths of online gambling- because what else do you have to do today?

Online gambling has undergone undue scrutiny since its debut in the early 90s. Much like scrunchies, mom jeans, and boy bands, the trend of badmouthing online gambling has fallen in and out of fashion several times over in the last few decades. With the most recent surge in adoption (thanks COVID), new myths and old wives’ tales are back with a vengeance.

The thing about most myths of online gambling is that they’re generally perpetuated by non-gamblers. Meaning that people who don’t actually interact with the joyous world of glitzy online gambling have touted themselves as experts in the space. Starting up new rumors and tall-tales, just to deter those who might be a bit curious about what the digital space actually offers. But the trend isn’t new, just like none of us have gone blind from adolescent “atrocities”, and no one’s face has ever actually stayed that way- the large majority of online gambling myths are patently unfounded.

Top 5 Myths of Online Gambling Debunked

We took a closer look at the top five most perpetuated myths about online gambling. Under the impressive 1000x magnification of our imagined skeptical-scope, we found that not only are the majority of these myths about online gambling completely untrue, but we wound up scratching our heads as to the possible origins of them.

Some were quickly dissolved- with little more than a cursory google search- laws and statistical documents popped up plenty- revealing the biased and libelous nature of the myth. Others, took a little more groundwork, actually requiring some top-notch investigation (and bet placing) of legitimate sites. Which sounds rough, but we’re here for our readers, and in no way did we enjoy perusing the glittering graphics, come-hither card play, or scintillating slots. Or the shockingly simple withdrawal of winnings.

Online Gambling is Illegal

Well, yes and no. There are places in the world where online gambling is illegal, but the reality is that online gambling bans are rare. Many countries throughout the world have limiting legislations, which basically means that some forms of online gambling are illegal to its citizens, while online gambling at large remains legal. If you’re concerned that any specific site might be illegal for you to a patron, just check online for local laws. It can also help to take a quick peek at online casino review sites (like right here perhaps?), most of these will offer much-needed insight into the terms and conditions that apply to any one platform and the services they offer.

Online Gambling is Impossible to Win

This one is completely untrue. Something that our keen investigation skills were able to uncover in less than 10 minutes of online gameplay. Is it luck? Is it rigged to keep you around? In fact- it’s neither.

Online gambling sites that are fully licensed are held to strict conduct rules, same as their brick and mortar cousins. In fact, with online gambling, it’s often even harder to rig the games as the code that creates them rests on unbiased computer programming and AI. Most online gambling games are largely controlled by random number generators, which use the statistics of randomness in order to decide which character hits the reel next, or what card will be drawn. A casino that never pays out is one that will also never see patronage. So it’s in the best interest of the establishment to play to the best interests of their customers.

There is No Strategy to Online Gambling

The same odds that work in built-from-the-ground-up casinos also play in online gambling sites. So certain games (like roulette and slots) will rely on the luck of the draw, where other games, like blackjack or poker, do require a bit of skill and underlying knowledge. You can even use strategy to your advantage in “luck-based” games, mostly to help minimize losses or stretch your playing budget a bit further. So, while a solid strategy and game knowledge might not help you win the jackpot at the online slots, it will help you keep a cool head.

Withdrawals Take Forever, If They Happen at All

Financial transactions and the security systems that surround them are the base functionalities of most licensed online gambling platforms. So, this could reasonably be the mother of all myths of online gambling. There are instances in which some sites will have some withdrawal lag. But this is often easily circumnavigated by checking out an online casino review before you head to the tables. As with myth #1, make sure you’re savvy when it comes to bruising up on your local legislation and the T&Cs of any given site. This should ensure a swift return of funds anytime you’re ready for a payout.

Only Lonely, Sad, Addicts Use Online Gambling Platforms

Despite the fact that we take some serious offense to this particular myth (we have many friends and our mothers say we’re lovely- thank you very much), this is another one that is most often perpetuated by people who have never set their mouse into an online gambling site. There’s a myriad of reasons that people enjoy online gambling, and very few of them center around the fact that their sad sacks with zero social agenda. For many, online gambling offers a hot minute of social-pressure free entertainment. Gambling, even in real life, is largely a solo game- rarely prized for its social aspects. What attracts most people is the thrill of the game, allowing for a much-needed disconnect from reality now and again. And there’s nothing sad about that.


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