Different Types of Online Poker Tournaments

January 21, 2022

Poker is one of the few competitive games available to be played at an online casino, and a player’s skill can directly influence the outcome of a game with the most talented players able to become very wealthy to boot. Successes in online poker have only grown in recent years too as different platforms have emerged and led to the success online poker tournaments – but with such huge variety, how can players safely navigate the different types of online poker tournament and find the best fit?

Multi-Table Tournaments – Likely the most known approach, and the most practiced once – multi-table tournaments bring a large number of participants to one tournament in a round-robin styled knockout approach as players with the lowest scores on the table are knocked out, as tables empty, a number are brought together over time until just a few final players remain all playing at the same table. There’s often an attractive prize pool funded by the entry costs of all players, and often times not just a solitary winner either as multiple top scorers can be labelled as the winner.

Sit n go tournaments – These have quickly grown to become amongst the most played as players are able to drop in and play whenever it suits them – a single table can sometimes host up to 10 players and the winner of the table will take the winnings. These same tournaments can also take the approach of some other formats too, with multi-table sit n go tournaments or similar being a popular choice amongst those hoping to hone their skills and improve at the game, or for the well-practiced players looking to secure a win and pad the purse a little further.

Freeroll tournaments – These types of games are perfect for new players as they allow players to participate in the game without a buy-in – whilst the prize pool may not always be the highest, it’s a fantastic way to learn the game and improve at poker as a whole whilst learning game theory and game strategy. Some of these tournaments also have an option to add to a bankroll over time too and may be able to increase winnings by entering paid tournaments in the future, or entering the many other versions of poker tournaments that have grown popular.

Thanks to many online platforms for sharing too, it’s possible to tune in and watch other players take part in these same types of tournaments to gain a better understanding what to expect, and may be a great encouragement to take part too.

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