Changing Legislation for US Gambling and Betting

November 5, 2021 us-casinos

Despite being home to some of the world’s largest gambling and betting paradises including cities like Las Vegas, the US has been much slower to introduce change to legislation and law that allow for different forms of gambling and betting to emerge, particularly with online options. Over the past few years, however, change has been increasing at a rapid rate as US gambling laws have been finding a lot of adjustment, but which states have succeeded, and which have been slower to adjust to a new approach for online gambling?

Colorado could be a beacon for success – After seeing confirmation that some forms of online gambling and betting would be legalised after 2019 and services first emerging in 2020, the first year saw over $3 billion wagered in sports betting alone. With a lower tax rate than other states at just 10% for operators, it has also encouraged international attention with bigger operators like Tipico looking to set-up in the state and expand infrastructure – with figures being so high for the state, any that may be on the fence about introducing new legislation need look no further particularly as some experts are suggesting this could be a great option for economic recovery from the tax revenue alone.

Maryland has shown the opposite – Where Colorado may be an indication of what can go right with proper management, Maryland has shown to be the opposite – although legislation had changed to see online services launch in 2021, regulators have been slow to hand out licenses and with rumours that it isn’t at the top of the priority list particularly for mobile options, it’s unlikely that any change will be seen until 2022. There has been some message of urgency too with players crossing state lines to play on legalised services and the tax loss that comes with that missing revenue and is a state that despite willing to change has been slow to adapt to the change.

New York could be a game changer too – News also came earlier in the year that New York would be looking to take a step in the right direction by passing legislation for online sports betting and licenses have already started to be handed out in preparation too – there had been an early snag with language in legislation to avoid issues with tribal casino rights which have stumped other states too but has since been figured out and the next big state to go through change.

It’s an exciting period for operators looking to expand into the US, and these are likely only the start of many big sweeping changes yet to come across the board too.

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