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September 18, 2021 cg-casino-odds

Whilst there are a huge variety of different games available at online casinos, not all are built equal, and some certainly provide a much better chance at winning than others. Whilst the ultimate goal should always be to play for fun, there’s nothing quite like winning particularly when there’s a large sum on the line too – whether a new player looking to get settled in or an experienced player looking to capitalise on the best odds, which games offer the best chances to win, and which should be avoided?

Slots typically rank much lower for winning – Although perhaps the favourite of all games available at online casinos, and by far the easiest to play, it may not come as a surprise to many that they statistically have the lowest chance of paying, particularly when different variations with more reels are included. This is often offset but the much larger winnings that can be found, after all a winner every day wouldn’t help the big progressive options, and by the promotions too which tend to favour the slots also, but if a big win is in mind, steering clear of the slots unless looking to play for enjoyment could find a bigger one closer to hand.

Craps and roulette are the middle of the road choices – As games that are entirely based on luck, they’re both options that sit right towards the middle at a near 50% chance of winning. There are small variations such as US roulette which features a few extra notches on the wheel, but ultimately all provide a very similar chance of winning – as games of craps and roulette are also extremely easy to understand and start with, it provides new players with a chance to join and immediately be in with a very good chance of finding some return.

Blackjack tops the list – As the game that provides the best chances of winning, Blackjack in all its forms continues to top the list as the best odds game at casinos, whether online or offline. Whilst older methods of trying to skill the game with card counting are much harder these days, odds still remain very high for people playing by chance at nearly 50% too, and a little understanding of probabilities can help greatly here too and bring yet more wins. Newer gaming entries like live dealers have helped grow the popularity of blackjack even further too and have helped many players find the big win they’ve been chasing.

There are plenty of other games that could make this list, but many may be much smaller in terms of popularity or offer much smaller potential pots, as well as other games like Poker which rely more on skill and may not factor so much into the odds.

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