Canadian Tribes Look to Protect iGaming Rights

February 18, 2022 Logos for tribal gaming communities in Canada

North America is quite unique in the way it handles regulation around online sports betting and online gambling as a whole, and although there has been a lot of change to many states over the past couple of years, it’ll still be some time before open and easy access is available for all players in the region. One of the roadblocks to many states has been within tribal casino rights and how language around emerging services may have to adjust language of bills and legislation to pass, but now tribes in Canada are starting to partner in an effort to protect their own iGaming rights ahead of change and reform.

Canada is a little different from the US in some regards here though, as it stands online betting at services both operated in Canada and outside of Canada are fine for players to use, and online gambling services are also fine to use so long as they’re registered with the Canadian government – this means that iGaming is already well established and there are large operators that have found success across Canada too, and will continue to do so with no hints that this will change any time soon and instead the opposite may be true where options become more open.

In an effort to protect their iGaming rights, however, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Six Nations of the Grand River have come together in a mutual co-operation agreement on gaming in a bid to defend their rights in this space – although the announcement has been made what exactly  this means isn’t entirely clear however – there is some ambiguity to the statement around exactly what this will entail and how this may impact already legalized online betting and gambling services – the suggestion had been that the federal legislation that allowed iGaming firms to offer single-game online sports betting shut out the First Nations rights.

It’s a space that’s still evolving quickly and with the change only recently being made there’s plenty of room for adjustment yet to come, what exactly this may look like and how this will impact services already running will be revealed in time, and how this may become a part of tribal rights and the relaunch of services too, but much like the evolving issue in the US, it adds a grey cloud over an industry which has thrived in recent years and shows extreme promise for growth when enough room is granted to operate without too much red tape behind it.

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