Biggest Game Genres of 2021

June 25, 2021 casino-genie-gaming

Many different gaming genres have certainly gained popularity throughout the year as a growing audience has started to explore new innovations and exciting features on offer – with some huge, proposed releases planned throughout the end of 2021 and into the start of 2022, some will certainly see a huge bump in excitement too. But which have been the most popular gaming genres of the year so far, and what has made them stand out from the others?

Survival has been at the top – The survival genre has been plugging away and doing its thing for quite a while now, with huge games like Minecraft seeing a return to popularity last year and big releases this year like Valheim it has reignited the passion for many. Big content creators and streamers have also helped out here dramatically, recent challenges by some online for games like Terraria have captured tens of thousands of viewers daily and have definitely brought the survival genre back into the spotlight and will continue to be a popular genre in the gaming space moving forward as newer titles innovate different strategies for delivering exciting survival content.

Online casinos and gambling have found their niche – With the gaming demographic changing and included a much wider audience than ever before, it has allowed for things like online casinos to find huge growth. The closure of land-based options temporarily certainly helped, and recent exposure on streaming platforms has helped to bring in new viewers and new players too. Whilst there have been hurdles to overcome with regulation change and ongoing calls for changes to content delivery and advertising, a continued changing in audience demographic for gaming and attitudes towards gaming as a whole, it has provided the perfect opportunity for the casino and gambling genre to find exciting growth and ways to deliver products to growing player numbers.

An RPG resurgence – With a huge number of remakes, remasters, and rereleases hitting the market over the past few years, RPGs have been a clear target for those looking to recapture some nostalgia and redeliver the games of the childhood for many adult players – by stepping up on the features a little and recreating the games with a modern spin, the RPG genre has found some of the biggest titles of the past released on the latest consoles to great effect and will continue to be a target for big studios too – it’s certainly leading to a time where RPG’s could be amongst the biggest names in gaming once again too, as it currently sits as one of the biggest game genres of 2021.

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