Seven Card Stud

Ask anyone about the game of Poker today, and they will almost certainly assume you are referring to the game of Texas Hold’em. It hasn’t always been this way – in fact, Texas Hold’em has only been the dominant form of Poker for the last two to three decades. As recently as the 1980s, seven-card stud was the most popular form of Poker in both professional and home games.

Over the past half a decade or so, Omaha has been gaining popularity amongst Poker players. This alternative form of Hold’em requires more skill and strategy than the Texas variant, with luck playing a less significant role in the outcome of each hand – it’s a staple in various online poker sites and has quickly become one of the more favored poker games amongst many players.

Could Omaha replace Texas Hold’em as the most popular form of Poker? Or will Seven Card Stud make a comeback as players tire of playing the same game? Only time will tell, though if you are a fan of Texas Hold’em but find yourself growing tired of losing your chips after yet another unbelievable “cooler” on the river, maybe it’s time to consider alternatives such as Seven Card Stud?

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