Five Card Stud

The game of Five Card Stud is seldom found at online poker sites in most Western countries today, having long been replaced by more popular games such as No Limit Hold’em, Omaha, and, indeed, Seven Card Stud. That’s not to say it has disappeared completely – the Finnish are said to be particularly fond of this ancient form of poker, and often refer to it as Canadian Stud or Scandinavian Stud. You may find it on one of the very good Finnish online poker sites out there – but you may need to actually be in Finland to play it.

In truth, this card game wasn’t actually very popular even at the time it was invented. The simple rules offer few possibilities for complex bluffs and strategies, which results in the vast majority of hands finishing long before a showdown is reached. Players were quick to realize the shortcomings of the game, which led to the creation of its bigger brother – Seven Card Stud.

The seven-card game offers much more variety, as well as requiring far more skill to master. The earliest recorded instances of people playing five-card stud date to somewhere around 1820-1830, before reaching the peak of its popularity around 20-30 years later. By the end of the 19th century, a hundred years before online poker began, the game had been almost completely replaced by the seven-card variant.

Today, even Seven Card Stud is something of a novelty at online poker sites, itself having been replaced by Texas Hold’em and its more complex cousin No Limit Hold’em.

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